Newport Beach Exotic Car Rentals Can Complete Your Vacation Experience

You arrive at the airport in Orange County, ready to hit up Newport Beach, and everything else in Southern California is also calling your name. It’s vacation time, and to top it all off and complete your experience, why not pick up a different kind of car rental to get around. That’s right, why not drive a luxury car rental instead. You can have the pick of the litter.

You can reserve your luxury car rental ahead of time, but you have to be careful where you rent from. You also don’t want to be looking like you’re driving around a rental. You might be renting the luxury vehicle, but you want it to look like you own the vehicle. You also want to avoid any hidden fees that these places like to charge if you’re not careful.

The good thing is you’ll be using a credit card, which means that you can dispute any charges that were not discussed. However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to win the dispute. You want to instead read the fine print, know the rules and be aware of what you’re going to be charged. If anything looks fishy, then it’s time to look at a different rental company.

Newport Beach Exotic Car Rentals Can Complete

Be sure that you’re going to be able to get a convenient pickup on your vehicle, which means you might no want to use the airport. The service is more personalized when you use an off-site company, so don’t think that handling things at the airport is going to be your best bet just because you’re on vacation and don’t know the area.

It should be mentioned again that you really do have to watch who you do business with as there are horror stories related to renting exotic vehicles. This shouldn’t dissuade you from having your fun, as it can really complete your vacation experience. However, you need to know the ins and outs of exotic rentals before you just dive in. That means that you need to put as much planning into renting the luxury vehicle as you would for anything else concerning your big trip to Orange County.

Have you been to the OC before?

If so, then you might have even seen one of these places before and thought about how nice it would be to drive around your dream car. Well, now you can! You need to be prepared for quite a deposit, and you need to know that the insurance can be pretty steep. You also need to be aware of the hassles of fleet insurance, especially the high deductibles.

While there are many concerns to learn about and things to consider, you still want to be driving that Lamborghini, right? Or, perhaps it’s a Porsche or Ferrari that you want to be driving to the beach. It sure would be nice to experience such a sweet ride when you’re vacationing in the OC, and all you have to do is plan it out properly.


The whole idea of renting a car might seem great and very resourceful in the start, but a keen look into the idea will prove to you that the idea is not really as fun and cost effective as it was at first. This might not be easy to believe, but with the facts below, you will come into conclusion that buying your own car is actually the better option in the long run. The disadvantages include the following;

Accumulatively expensive in the long run

When you lease a car the basic idea is that you are paying for the car’s use for over a period of 2-3 years. This is obviously hectic with the issue of having to pay monthly rates for the use of the car to the agency. In the long run the leasing thing is not as cost effective as it would have been if you had bought your own car. This is due to the fact that with time, driving your own car is cheaper as after the loans are done, you don’t have to worry about any monthly payments from then on.


Limited mileage

All rental cars come with an annoying mile limit that is mandatory for all drivers that lease the cars. The mile limits usually vary between 10000 to 15000 miles. This can be very problematic for those of us that travel a lot in a year. This is not to mention the heavy fines that come with it. Therefore, you will need to get your own car and pay off the loans slowly or be inconveniently confined.

High insurance cost

For most people renting cars, the idea of the car being insured can be a relief, but with time the premiums that come with the insurance policy can be very difficult to keep up with. This is due to the fact that most insurance agencies will require you to actually spend a lot in the insurance than it would have been the case for a personally owned car. For instance, you will find that an Audi R8 car rental will definitely cost more than a personally owned Audi R8. Therefore, before you go for any Audi R8 car rental, or any other model for that matter, take into consideration the long term effect of the insurance policy on your finances.

Unfair costs of ignorance

The actual way in which leasing staff make their money from the services they provide to you might not be open for all to know, but you can do your research and find out just how they get their commissions. This will help you know when to say no as in most cases you might be led into paying for so many fees that are not actually necessary.

Ferrari Car Rental

Ferrari are one of the cars that are built for speed, elegance and for showing off on the highways. The name Ferrari itself states swiftness, charm and luxury. These cars are the status symbol for many people. The people who love high-speed driving are always attracted towards this car. The Ferrari has been in the automobile market for a long time and has never lost its ability to delight and stimulate people seeking the ultimate luxury sports car.

As the ultimate status symbol the Ferrari is in a class by itself. Now, with option of renting a Ferrari, more people are able to experience the luxury of driving a high end sports car. A few of the benefits of renting a Ferrari are:

  • Insurance is Maintained by the Rental Company

Not having to maintain full-overage auto insurance is a huge benefit to most people. Under a rental agreement, the Ferrari is covered by rental insurance through the company that is renting the car. Any damage to the car or any kind of maintenance will be covered by the insurance. So, people can opt for the Ferrari experience without this costly overhead. Even if the car gets stolen, it will be still covered under the insurance policy of the car rental company. Every time the car is rented, it will be new and as clean as crystal to provide full enjoyment to the customer’s experience.

Ferrari Car Rental

  • Experience of driving Ferrari

The experience of driving Ferrari is one of the amazing experiences in the lifetime of the people who cannot afford to purchase this car. Many people opt for Ferrari rental as they cannot pay the price of the car. So, renting a Ferrari through the rental company provides a good experience to the people who desire to drive a big sports car that every person in the world wishes to have in their garage.


  • Make a Statement

Ferrari is one of the famous luxury sports cars. People choose Ferrari as a status symbol. It is an exotic car that fascinates each and every individual. Some people might use it to impress their colleagues.


  • Standing Out

Getting the car from the Ferrari Car rental company also makes the customers stand out different from the rest of the crowd. It makes the owner of the car get noticed. This makes the people show off their status among their relatives and friends.


  • Celebrating a big occasion

In order to celebrate an occasion, people might use a Ferrari car rental service to feel stylish and unique in the celebration. It is one of the ways to feel elite and stylish. When an individual rents a Ferrari, it makes for a truly special occasion, and only they will know that it is a rental.