You arrive at the airport in Orange County, ready to hit up Newport Beach, and everything else in Southern California is also calling your name. It’s vacation time, and to top it all off and complete your experience, why not pick up a different kind of car rental to get around. That’s right, why not drive a luxury car rental instead. You can have the pick of the litter.

You can reserve your luxury car rental ahead of time, but you have to be careful where you rent from. You also don’t want to be looking like you’re driving around a rental. You might be renting the luxury vehicle, but you want it to look like you own the vehicle. You also want to avoid any hidden fees that these places like to charge if you’re not careful.

The good thing is you’ll be using a credit card, which means that you can dispute any charges that were not discussed. However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to win the dispute. You want to instead read the fine print, know the rules and be aware of what you’re going to be charged. If anything looks fishy, then it’s time to look at a different rental company.

Newport Beach Exotic Car Rentals Can Complete

Be sure that you’re going to be able to get a convenient pickup on your vehicle, which means you might no want to use the airport. The service is more personalized when you use an off-site company, so don’t think that handling things at the airport is going to be your best bet just because you’re on vacation and don’t know the area.

It should be mentioned again that you really do have to watch who you do business with as there are horror stories related to renting exotic vehicles. This shouldn’t dissuade you from having your fun, as it can really complete your vacation experience. However, you need to know the ins and outs of exotic rentals before you just dive in. That means that you need to put as much planning into renting the luxury vehicle as you would for anything else concerning your big trip to Orange County.

Have you been to the OC before?

If so, then you might have even seen one of these places before and thought about how nice it would be to drive around your dream car. Well, now you can! You need to be prepared for quite a deposit, and you need to know that the insurance can be pretty steep. You also need to be aware of the hassles of fleet insurance, especially the high deductibles.

While there are many concerns to learn about and things to consider, you still want to be driving that Lamborghini, right? Or, perhaps it’s a Porsche or Ferrari that you want to be driving to the beach. It sure would be nice to experience such a sweet ride when you’re vacationing in the OC, and all you have to do is plan it out properly.

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